April 09, 2015

Easter outfit

I hope you had a great Easter weekend! I loved this past weekend because it's been my first chill weekend in a while. I got absolutely no work done. But, I did spend lots of time with my family and eating good food. I always welcome a break from school and this weekend was just what I needed. For church on Easter Sunday I wore a metallic high waist midi skirt over a blue mini eyelet dress from Forever 21. The dress is definitely too short for church, but I love the bright blue color and found a way to incorporate it into my look.

And I just wore some low black heels & pearls to finish the look.

What did you wear for Easter? If you did a post about it, please leave a link in the comments section so I can check it out!


  1. This is so original of you to wear that skirt over the dress! I see bloggers do that sometimes and am jealous of their creativity :)

    I wore this outfit for church on Easter. I love polka dots :)

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  2. I love high waisted skirts - they are always so flattering! That is such a smart idea to use a short dress as the top, I am going to have to keep that idea in mind!


  3. That skirt is so unique, what a great conversation piece Vett. You look great in that whole outfit.

  4. Vett, the blue is a magnificent color and the metallic colored skirt is beautiful... I want one now... it would go with so many colored shirts... and it is so unique... love it xox ... (so glad you had a weekend of nothing, we all need that from time to time xox)


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