April 01, 2015

Since I've been gone...

Well, hello there. It's been a long time since I've been able to post and that's bittersweet. Life has been moving in super sonic motion the past few weeks (sweet), but it's meant that I haven't had time to really reflect on everything and write/blog on my normal schedule (bitter). Before I start posting some fun things, I thought I would share what I've been up to recently...

Visiting California

A few days after that, I flew to Los Angeles to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew.

How cute is this little boy!? I wish they lived closer because hanging out with their little family is so much fun.

While in Cali, I got to go to the beach!

And I got to see this little one's school and some of his favorite places in Cali :)

My brother and sister understand my obsession with pretty view of cities (especially at night). So one night we drove up to Griffith Park's Observatory. The view was breathtaking and no photo does it justice, but I tried to capture all of the beautiful lights in this shot.

Food in California

I had the BEST salads while in California. I guess you could say California specializes in delicious healthy foods. This kale salad is from Mendocino Farms, one of my sister's favorite spots.

This salad (above & below) is the best salad I've ever had in my life. It's also from Mendocino Farms. And in the salad is...chicken! While in California, I started eating chicken again. Crazy, I know. But, I am trying to increase my iron levels and become more tolerant when it comes to eating chicken because it's tough to avoid it in the South. Here are the other contents of this bomb salad:

Avocado & Quinoa Ensalada R/GF 
butter lettuce & romaine, lacinato kale, quinoa & millet, black bean, roasted corn & jicama succotash, red onions, cilantro, Cotija cheese, grape tomatoes, crispy tortilla strips, avocado with chipotle vinaigrette

My sister also made us this delicious meal (chicken, butternut squash, and broccoli).

We had a few meals at Whole Foods, and I tried their salmon rice bowl. Very tasty and filling!

Currently reading

Before Spring Break, I finished reading another biography and was in search of a new book to read. I set the goal to read 7 books/biographies this year. I saw "Thrive" in the LAX Airport and it seemed like a great investment so I purchased it to read on my flight back. During the flight I got about halfway through the book and I loved it! I am finishing it up now, and want to share the book with all of my friends. Arianna's wisdom about life and career goals really spoke to me and helped me reevaluate what is most important in life. Taking a short break from blogging was nice because it allowed me to focus on other areas of my life that may have not been getting the attention they needed.

My favorite quotation from the book. Yes, yes, yes!

Other things...

Besides all of that, I've just been working on essays and projects for my classes and enjoying my beautiful campus and spring weather.

I also went to the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta for the first time last week. Such a fun and educational date night haha!

I've also been working on perfecting a homemade guacamole recipe, yum!

And since I gave up chocolate chips for Lent, I have been trying to replace that craving with brussels sprouts. Weird, I know. But so tasty!

And lastly, I have been taking lots and lots of photos! I am very proud of how busy my photography business is, and grateful for my high school friend and assistant Kristi helping me at events that require more than one shooter.

Thanks for reading! I'm excited to catch up on the blogs I normally read weekly and spend time with my family this Easter weekend.



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  2. good to see you back, its been so long since you last posted.
    ur nephew is too cute and the salad looks epic
    keep in touch

  3. Vett, I am so happy to see you back... I figured you had been super busy... I am sure school will be keeping you busy for the next little bit. I am happy you had some time in California... I would love it just for their salads... lol

    Blog when you can... I understand time limitations :) xox

  4. Looks like you've been quite busy during your hiatus. California looks beautiful. Also your blog over any other always makes me hungry when I look at all your yummy food!

  5. Welcome back! So glad things have been going well for you!

  6. Great photos! And it looks like you've had an awesome "time off" from the blog. And that's okay! Lovely update.

  7. Yes, that little boy is adorable. I'm biased but a trip to California is always AWESOME. Sounds like you are out there living a good life even if you didn't blog about every second!

  8. Great photos! Cute kid!

    Time off from the blog means you get to come back with even more exciting posts!

    XO |EESH

  9. Great photos, thanks for sharing!

  10. California is still on my to-visit list. It looks amazing!

    And I've heard so many good things about Thrive. I may have to pick up when I finish my current list.


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