April 21, 2015

Kale & brussels sprouts salad with curry shrimp

I have just a few more days left in my 3rd semester of grad school and I couldn't be more excited for summer break! I'm taking a study break to share this AMAZING salad I made and devoured last week. I love love love brussels sprouts, kale, and curry shrimp. And I oddly had the craving for all three of them at the same time. So, I decided to put them together in a kale salad. Check out the photos, ingredients, and this quick & easy recipe below!

Kale Salad
Freshly washed baby kale leaves
Whole kernel corn
Black pepper
Lemon juice

Curry Shrimp
1/2 pound of shrimp
Curry Powder
Black pepper
Lemon pepper

Brussels Sprouts
Lemon juice
Black pepper
Olive oil

1. Toss salad ingredients together in large bowl

2. Rinse brussels sprouts then toss in ingredients before putting in a baking tray. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 10-12 mins. or until ready

3. Prepare shrimp as desired then sprinkle on ingredients. Add olive oil to the pan. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 25-30 mins. or until done.

4. Add brussels sprouts and shrimp into salad as desired. Add salad dressing and other toppings as desired.

Brussels sprouts fresh out of the oven, yum! I drizzle on honey once they're baked.

Seasoning the shrimp!

Shrimp fresh out of the oven, yum!

I baked the shrimp and brussels sprouts at the same time and both came out great.

I tossed in my brussels sprouts, but added my shrimp on top once my salad was in the bowl.

The finished product! I added ranch dressing and more lemon juice to mine, but I think most salad dressings would pair well with this meal. I was also full after this meal, yet felt like I had eaten a clean meal.

This was such an interesting and delicious salad! I plan to remake it soon, but using a different meat! Let me know if you try it!


  1. Isn't it great trying out something new Vett and liking it... I have a few of those meals and I still make them to this day... xox

    Yay, school is almost out so you can get a break, this is so exciting <3

  2. That looks really great, thanks for sharing!

  3. so happy to see you stop by! it's been a while! oven-baked Brussel sprouts are a fave of mine! i can only imagine how yummy this is.

  4. I've actually never had brussels sprouts before and I'm not sure why, haha! These look really yummy and pretty easy to make as well, thanks for the suggestion Vett.

  5. u make healthy food look so yummy

  6. I FINALLY (!!) tried curried chicken my coworker made so I may have to brave some shrimp next. The salad alone looks fantastic!

  7. This sounds like my kind of salad! Might just be work lunch inspo :)

  8. Looks so yummy, I am in love with kale salads:)


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