December 08, 2014

2015 Promises to Myself

I didn't plan to post this until later on in the month, but I already have friends asking how I'm setting goals for 2015. So here goes! I'm doing "promises to myself" again like I did in 2014. This method worked really well for me because I printed out my promises, shared them on my blog, and figured our how to get them done throughout the year. Even though 2015 will be impossible to completely plan for, it always helps to set goals and make promises to yourself. Here are my 2015 promises to myself, and below I have a blank copy you can use!

And here's a clean copy for you to use if you like this format too!

Set yourself up for a great new year!


  1. well , i think u already thing the eating goal in 2014 and i guess u travelled to a few places too if i amnot wrong, so bravo for that
    Keep in touch

  2. This list sounds perfect! I like this better than the traditional resolution format!
    xo, Laura

  3. I love how you titled it "promises to myself" and you have so many great goals for 2015!


  4. Such a great idea Vett, its a better way of setting goals by breaking them up into different categories. I would also love to visit Colorado, the pictures I've seen looks beautiful!

  5. Vett once I get Christmas organized and ready, I am going to come over and fill this in... I work pretty good with promises to myself, especially when I share them too... thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog, that was very sweet... have a great week xox

  6. I think it's good to have a list. It gives you guidance and direction to achieving goals.

  7. These are such great questions to ask yourself - at any time of year really, but particularly as a new year is beginning. And I have to ask about your book. Because I didn't know you had a first one and I'd love to read it... as well as the one that's coming! Authors have to stick together :)

    1. Thanks!! And I wrote & published my book during my senior year of college :)

      here's a link to more info on it!

      Please tell me more about yours!

  8. Oh dear! It's that time of the year when we make those resolutions for the coming year! But hey! I managed to fulfill most of mine for 2014 and I think I should make bolder ones for the coming year! Thanks for that clean copy! I'm filling it up now! <3

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  9. These are great goals! I should probably eat less sugary foods too but it's definitely hard! :)


  10. I absolutely love this, I think I'll do one of these too. I think it might be easier to keep up with my goals this way. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I really love the concept of making promises, rather than resolutions. I think it gives the goals you have for yourself a completely refreshing perspective! Thank you for sharing that, as well as the template! It gives me something to work on in the coming weeks! ♥ // Chymere A.

  12. Cool! What an awesome format :) I love your goals as well.

    dance a real

  13. I love that these are promises and not resolutions. It's more of a commitment to self. I think I'm gonna fill this out and post on IG and the blog before the year is out.

    Hope you're enjoying the holidays.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  14. love this and agree with the post before me.
    i feel like promises are so much more powerful than resolutions!



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