December 22, 2014

Prive Hair Salon in Atlanta {review}

I reviewed another hair salon in Atlanta a while back, and I've had people ask me for other recommendations around the city. So I tried a different salon in Midtown, Prive Hair Salon,  that I had heard great things about and my review is below!

First of all, I went to the salon with my hair naturally curly. I always think this makes it tougher to straighten. One of my best friends goes to this salon and the stylist, Tre'/Treana does her hair so that's who I scheduled my appointment with.

 I arrived at the salon about ten minutes before my appointment, but only waited a few minutes before my hair was shampooed and conditioned. The salon is clean and wasn't really crowded. They play current music and the vibe is pretty relaxed.

This salon does an incredible job at shampooing and conditioning. They really take their time, use multiple conditioners, and interact with you to see if you feel like your hair is clean and itch-free.

Afterward, I sat under the dryer with a deep conditioner in which made my hair feel extra soft. Once my hair was washed and conditioned, Tre' used a blowdryer and brush to do the initial straightening. She did it section by section which is the way I do it at home. Then, she applied a heat protectant before using a hot comb and flat iron to straighten my hair. She calls this the "silk press" and it definitely made my hair silky. She finished off my style by curling the ends of my hair, which I usually don't do but I had seen some of her other curly styles on her Instagram account and wanted to try it!

Tre' got my hair very straight and soft, which is all I ever ask for!

Here's the full list of stylists, but I can only speak for two. As I said, I went to Tre' (above) because my friend recommended her, and really loved how my hair turned out. I have friends who have gone to Attallah, and their hair always turns out really nice as well.

You have to contact the stylist you want to do your hair, and I do wish they displayed some of their work and prices on the website. Tre' charges $60 for a wash and style, but other stylists' prices may vary.

See the salon's policies here.

Although I don't plan to straighten my hair much in 2015 (more on that later), I will definitely go back to Prive to have my hair done and would recommend it to friends looking for a hair salon to try in Atlanta.


  1. Gorgeous no matter how you style it!

  2. You always have the prettiest hair Vett, no matter how you style it!

  3. You have beautiful hair!



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